The Company


We are three creators brimming with ideas.



A woman from Bizkaia and a playwright from Donostia-San Sebastian, that’s how I regard myself. I have never had any idea where I got that passion for theatre from. When I was 20 studying journalism, I packed by suitcase and came to Donostia to experience theatre.

Since then I have been turning scenes and stages into a fortress and means of defiance. I have spent 30 years telling stories in HIKA. I always have one in my head. And in my body, dance, that is my means of liberation. And another is to hang out with friends. The melodies I love most are the sound of the river and the silence of my birthplace. I try to listen to both.



Life is theatre, and the best theatre emerges out of life.

I have lived and worked in different places, I have worked in different languages and got to know other kinds of cultures. I am a citizen of the world. But I have always earned my daily bread from administrative work, management and paperwork.

I have been working with HIKA Teatroa for a decade, directly and indirectly, and my involvement, passion and enthusiasm grow from day to day in this world of the performing arts which captivates me.

Nagore Martinez


I’ve been in the art scene for 20 years, and I’ve been training with several companies. I love theater, dance, circus, music, literature and cinema.

“Life is a play that takes no rehearsals. So sing, laugh, dance, weep and live every moment of your life before the curtain comes down and the play ends without applause.” Charles Chaplin

The Hika Theater has opened the doors of this universe for me. And here I am, ready to let myself be carried away by this new adventure.