LA TARARA (2022)

Written by the Alicante-born author Josi Alvarado,
it won the Ist `Ana Diosdado´ SGAE Drama Award in 2019.

SanFran neighbourhood, Bilbao, the ‘70s: all the colour, love and fear wake up at night in its streets.
A woman born a man, a daughterless mother and a motherless daughter live there.
Nothing was ever the same again in that neighbourhood after they first met.

Premiere: January 2022

A text with thriller touches shaken by the trembling of poetry. La Tarara is the untold story of so many children; a journey of initiation and addiction to the depths of flesh. It is a story about forgiveness, a song to difference in which Little Red Riding Hood finally plays the violin to the wolves.

Artistic data

Author: Josi Alvarado
Basque translation: Arantxa Iturbe
Actors: Itziar Ituño, Kepa Errasti, Ainara Gurrutxaga, Amancay Gaztañaga, Jose Cruz Gurrutxaga, Iñaki Maruri
Direction and Dramaturgy: Agurtzane Intxaurraga
Assistant director: Miren Gojenola
Scenography and Clothing: Ikerne Giménez
Puppet: Urko Redondo (Dejabu panpin Laborategia)
Musical Arrangements: Iñaki Maruri
Musical Bases: Iñaki Dieguez
Songs “Bilbainadas”: Patxi Gonzalez
Lights: Xabier Lozano
Graphic: Santos Bregaña. Laia
Promotional Videos: Acrónica producciones
Photos: Dani Blanco
Production Direction: Xabier Mujika
Executive Production: HIKA Teatroa
Technician Team: Eraginstac
Communication: Teresa Sala
Administration: Asun Etxeberria
Distribution: HIKA Teatroa (Teresa Sala). GNP Producciones