El viaje

THE JOURNEY a secular speech in which 12 multidisciplinary artists from Germany and the Basque Country are presented. 
An irrepressible curiosity about life emerges, giving way to a vital journey into oneself. 

The nucleus for the creation is the meeting between the German musician and composer Marcus Englert and the Basque actress Itziar Ituño in January 2021, where they sing together “El Viaje / The Journey”. 

A song that triggers a rebellious impulse in Marcus Englert to embark on a greater adventure, to which he first invites Itziar Ituño himself. The team of BIDAIA/DIE REISE is completed by German musicians and Basque violinist and musician Xabier Zeberio, who will be accompanied by the Alos Quartet and dance interpreter Amaia Elizaran, a regular collaborator of the quartet, who will create a versatile movement score together with Gorka Durán. They will be followed by Janire Egaña, who, together with Itziar Ituño, belongs to the musical group Dangiliske, a formation that works with Basque folkloric rhythms. 

Finally, this illustrious group of travelers turns to HIKA Teatroa, headed by Agurtzane Intxaurraga, who is in charge of the production of the show, along with the scenic direction and dramaturgy. HIKA TEATROA sees the project as an opportunity to create synergies and travel creatively.   

Artistic line-up

Original idea: Marcus Englert & Ursula Englert 
Musical direction: Marcus Englert 
Stage direction and Dramaturgy: Agurtzane Intxaurraga 

Itziar Ituño: Voice & scene
Marcus Englert: Piano & voice  
Dominik Englert: percussion 
Jonas Schmid: Guitar & voice
Allos Quartet: Xabier Zeberio, Francisco Herrero, Lorena Nuñez, Iván Carmona 
Dangiliske: Janire Egaña & Itziar Ituño 
Amaia Elizaran: Dance 
Eneko Gil / Gorka Durán: Dance

Scenic space: Miren Intxaurraga & Xabier Mujika 
Sound space: Marcus Englert & Xabier Zeberio 
Light Design: Kay Möller 
Audiovisuals: Acrónica producciones 
Photography: Acrónica producciones 
Costumes: Agurtzane Intxaurraga 
Graphic design: Nagore Martínez
Executive production: HIKA Teatroa & Marcus Englert, Ursula Englert
Head coach in Germany: Felix Fewe Weng
Technical head in Basque Country: David Bernués (Acronica productions)
Technical team: Kapfenburg Castle (Germany), Acronica productions (Basque Country)
Communication: Nagore Martinez
Administration: Asun Etxeberria
Distribution Basque Country: HIKA Teatroa
Distribution Germany: Marcus Englert & Ursula Englert