A family show, with live music, and participatory; which highlights the ability to improve that we all have.

The umbilical cord that binds us to our mother is usually kilometrical.

A secular speech in which 12 multidisciplinary artists from Germany and the Basque Country are presented.

A comedy suitable for all dogs. An adaptation of Chucho, a literary work by Mafalda Bellido.

A text with the vocation of a thriller shaken by the tremor of poetry. La Tarara is the untold story of so many children.

A 35-year track record under the direction of Agurtzane Intxaurraga, a woman who loves visual poetry as much as stage defiance. Our productions are of a marked social character and always seek to put the audience in constant conflict with itself.

HIKA is the ongoing quest for and renewal of artistic challenges, thus ensuring the everyday nature of its productions. It also works to create audiences by incorporating intermediary and awareness-building programmes into its projects.


Our goal is to bring the performing arts closer to the people, working together with the public.


Provide an artistical and critical vision of our society.


Participation, proximity, social commitment, innovation, research, collaboration, sustainability.

« Contemporary theatre, where poetry, stage rebellion and social commitment walk hand in hand. »