Silk (2021)

(Première DFeria 2021)

Co-produced with Clásicos Contemporáneos

Hika staged SEDA for the first time in 2005; it was its most ambitious show until that moment. SEDA was awarded the prize for Best Stage Production and Stage Direction in the VII Garnacha de Haro National Drama Competition (2005), and first prize at the IX Female Stage Directors’ Award at Torrejón de Ardoz (2006).

In 2019 HIKA got a call from Josu Eguskiza of Clásicos Contemporáneos. He had also been entranced by this story. He wanted to get to know us and find out everything about our SEDA. He read our version of the screenplay written by Arantxa Iturbe and Agurtzane Intxaurraga (director of HIKA and SEDA) and this co-production emerged from that. Josu Eguskiza suggested we should embark on this journey together, and we agreed. Why not?

HIKA understands theatre as an ongoing journey in which new locations, new characters and new ways of telling take place. The invitation from Clásicos Contemporáneos offered the chance to reach those locations. And SEDA can go on travelling through other imaginaries, as in this case, that of Juan Carlos Rubio, director of this SEDA.

“In the stage version of SEDA, based on the novel bearing the same name by Alessandro Baricco, Hélène, a woman with a beautiful voice, or her husband who buys and sells silk worms, or the woman who gazed with eyes that were not those of the east…, they will touch the hearts of the audience members as softly as silk in this beautiful story brimming with silence, poetry, travels, desires, pain.

This story will transport us back to times when the existence of electrical power was unimaginable. A story that brings us closer to the music of the wind, rain and birds. A story that is worth telling from the stage.”

(Agurtzane Intxaurraga, 2005)

Production data

Direction, version: Juan Carlos Rubio
Actors: Chema del Barco, Anibal Soto, Inés Sánchez, Charo Sojo, Josu Eguskiza
Assistant director: Marisa Pino
Staging: Curt Allen Wilmer, Leticia Gañan (Estudio deDos)
Lighting: Juanjo Llorens
Lighting technician: Valentín Donaire
Technical coordination / Stage management: María José Fuenzalida
Wardrobe: Cristina Aguado
Choreography, stage movement: Chevi Muraday
Production: Rocío Sánchez, Patricia Garzón
Assistant production: Nuria Hernando
Distribution: Carmen Ávila (stage distributions), Maribel Mesón
Communication: SURNAMES, transmedia narrators
Graphic design, image: Salvador Gil
Executive direction: GNP Producciones