Txarriboda (2018)


XXI Garnacha de Haro National Drama Competition (December 2018):

Prize for Best Direction.

Judges 2nd Prize for Best Performance.

Audience award for Best Performance.

A brutal story about a wedding celebration. In a direct, shameless way without filters. Leaving hypocrisy on one side and aiming to break rules directly. Forgetting superficiality and going straight to the flesh.

A cabaret causing trembling and laughter which reaches a diverse audience. Young people drawn by topics, such as identity, family or job insecurity, meet middle-aged or elderly people in the same room, and participate with ease in the wedding celebration itself.


A becoming of developing identities dragged into a joint emotional catharsis.

It encourages the collaboration in each performance of local groups that participate by singing, dancing and turning each performance into an event.

Production data

Author: Script written by Agurtzane Intxaurraga on the basis of the actors’ improvisations.
Collaboration: Kepa Errasti
Song lyrics: Onintza Enbeita
Songs: Melody of Antxon Valverde’s song “Maitasunaz hil”; Anari’s “Naufragoak”; melody of the songs “Oxígeno” and “Cumbia” by the Afu band; “Banoa” by the Afu band; melody of the song “Izarapean” by Imanol. Melody of the folk songs “Anteron” and “Jon Zaharra”.

Cast of actors:

Sandra Fdez. Agirre: Mirari the bride and Mertxera.
Patxi González: Patxi senior and father of the bride, Paco and Aunt Brijida.
Iñigo Aranbarri: Bridegroom Imanol and Iña.
Kepa Errasti: Stepmother Txusa and Mila.
Juanjo Otero: Gari the waiter, Manizales’ cousins and Sergeant Flores.
Iñaki Maruri: Pianist Koldobika, Mati Plast, Aunt Gallega, Uncle Sebastian and worker.
Director: Agurtzane Intxaurraga
Assistant Director: Miren Gojenola
Lighting: Xabier Lozano

Costumes: Oihana Legorburu
Stage design: Xabier Mujika.
Music arrangements: Iñaki Maruri
Backing tracks: Iñaki Dieguez
“Cumbia” choreography: Jenni Perlaza
Graphic design: Santos Bregaña (Atelier Laia)
Poster photos: López de Zubiria
Promotional photos: Egoitz Bengoetxea “Otxabi”
Promotional videos: Acrónica producciones
Stage production: Eskenitek
Technical team: Eraginstac
Executive production: Xabier Mujika, Hika.