A comedy suitable to all dogs

An adaptation of Chucho, a literary work by Mafalda Bellido

  • Finalist at the MAX prices in the category of best revelation author, 2019
  • First price at the XIII express theatre author of the SGAE , 2018
  • Finalist at the CLAVE price in literature critics, 2017

A lost dog and a disintegrating couple

Mai and Joselu share TOTOs custody.

TOTO can be considered an Olympic comedy TOTOs age is equivalent to that of a apple orchard surviving generation after generation, and also the age of a puppy. TOTO talks about love, in black and white, in all its cosmical magnitude. Joselu, Mai and Toto are right now….in between humanity and animality.

Artistic line-up

Author: Mafalda Bellido
Performers: Miren Gojenola & Asier Hernandez
Stage direction: Agurtzane Intxaurraga
Basque translation: Kepa Errasti
Assistant director: Tania Fornieles
Lighting: Xabier Lozano
Set design: Miren Intxaurraga & Xabier Mujika
Musical background: Adrian García de los ojos
Promotional sound: Iñigo Telletxea
Songs: Xabier Lete-Karlos Gimenez “Jardin bat zuretzat”, Barricada “Vive a toda velocidad”, Egan “Mexikon lo ez”
Costumes: Xabier Mujika
Graphics: Santos Bregaña
Promotional videos: Acrónica Producciones
Photography:Otsabi (Egoitz Bengoetxea)
Intermediary program: Hika Teatroa
Technical team: Acrónica producciones
Administration: Asun Etxeberria
Comunication: Nagore Martinez
Distribution: Hika Teatroa (633252200 / 656792501)