GAZTE (Young person)


Co-production with the OINKARI DANCE GROUP

They are talkative. Absolutely: like hens in a hen house, they are seldom silent. Peckers. Boisterous. As our mother would say, “wicked chatterboxes”. Of course! They are ready to live every single day to the full!

Brimming with strength. Overflowing. Longing. Passionate. Alive.

They love to dance. But not just dance, you see? Besides dancing, listening to music, making music, doing sports, studying… They love nature, travel, they are affectionate party animals, activists in sex.

Little by way of foolishness, silliness. They are not as flighty as some of you might think. Very light on their feet. No doubt about that. And their hearts, too. Always beating happily.
Like us, they need a sense of togetherness. Gathered in hugs, being still, gazing at each other and, without further ado, understanding each other.

This is an imperfect, defiant hen house. They are young, do not easily conform and disagree about many things.

With the roles established by this society, with labels, prejudices, restrictions on freedom, gag laws, corrupt policies, the education system, barriers. NO, THEY DON’T.


Production data (OINKARI Dantza Taldea/ HIKA Teatroa)

Direction and Dramaturgy: Agurtzane Intxaurraga
Choreography: Eneko Gil
Script: Agurtzane Intxaurraga (on the basis of the dancers’ stories)
Dancers: Lierni Kamio, Aiora Escudero, Fermin Escudero, Gorka Duran, Amaia Aizpurua, Beñat Monfort, Maitane Irurzun, Izaskun Aizpurua, Aimar Garaiar, Lide Bengoetxea.
Collaboration on stage: Eneko Gil, Agurtzane Intxaurraga
Music composition: Jigor Lampre (D.J Zigor), Eneko Dieguez (saxoa), Iñaki Dieguez (Atabal pieza)
Live music: DJ (in negotiations) and saxophonist Eneko Dieguez
Recorded music: Janire Egaña eta Itziar Ituño (Atzo goizen goiz eta Aita San Migel banangoa, Akorde naz diskatik).
Costumes: Xabi Mujika
Graphic design: Santos Bregaña. Laia
Promotional videos: Recording: Imanol Gurrutxaga, Nagore Muriel, Markel Sorarrain. Edition: Imanol Gurrutxaga eta Nagore Muriel
Photography: Egoitz Bengoetxea “Otxabi” & Pepo
Technique: Iker Ugalde and Julen de la Iglesia
Communication: Teresa Sala
Management: Asun Etxeberria
Executive production: Oinkari, Hika.
Distribution: Hika Teatroa (Teresa 633252200)